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Top 5 Tips To Bring the Inside Out This Spring

Well, spring is officially here. But if you’re like us, it’s still a wee bit cold! They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes. And to an extent, the same can be said for getting out in your garden this spring. You just need to bring some of your inside cosiness, outside! Basically, it gets to this time of year and we are sick of being stuck inside. We just have to get out there! And do you know what, that’s okay! The sun doesn’t have to be splitting the heavens and it doesn’t have to be over 21 degrees to start using your outdoor space. You just have to make sure you follow our top 5 tips to bring the inside out this spring.

Tip #1 Wrap Up Warm

Obviously. But you don’t have to be wearing your thickest winter coat. The trick is to have a very cosy throw to snuggle around your shoulders. And if you have more than one, then great, your guests can have one too! For a luxury and outdoor feel, go for natural materials, such as wool. Wool will also be one of the warmest options.

Tip #2 Light it Up

You don’t have to have an outdoor stove or a big garden. You can buy a small fire pit from any good retailer to add some warmth. Or you can get a patio heater. Both options are very cost effective. Also add in some fairy lights. Because, is it even possible to have too many fairy lights? (The answer to this one is, ‘no!’) And it doesn’t have to be late at night to turn on the lights, they give the feeling of warmth and you can put them on as soon as it starts getting in any way dusky. And of course, don’t forget the candles! And no, you can’t have too many candles either! Getting the lighting right outside is just the same as inside – it’s there to set the tone and mood.

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Tip #3 Bring the Inside Out

Search your cupboards! Do you have special occasion tableware that you keep hidden away all year, only to be brought out at Christmas? We did! And then we brought it outside. You can use your charger plates and runners for example. Use your good glassware and cutlery, it’s there to be used. Do the same with cushions. You don’t have to have a full set of cushions that you just use for outside in the summer. If you do this you are stuck with storage problems all winter. Just bring your cushions from inside, outside. This creates more warmth but also another layer of cosiness. If you are feeling adventurous also bring out a rug for under your table. What you are trying to do is create the illusion of an ‘outdoor room’.

Tip #4 Texture

For your tableware, it is lovely to use natural materials such as wood. This can come in the form of wooden serving boards, bowls, coasters and salt and pepper grinders. Or you may go for slate or marble, whatever your preference. Using natural products gives an earthy feel and connection to nature. This holds true for your throws and cushions as well, if you are going for wool or linen. Or you could introduce linen through a tablecloth or placemats.


Tip #5 Layering

As you would do in your inside space, you are bringing all the above elements together layer by layer, to take away the bareness of a spring garden or patio. So you are adding your throws, tableware, cushions, rug and lighting to create a fabulous space and enjoyable experience. And here’s something else we do, we just might use a few fake plants here and there! Because it’s spring but your garden may just not have sprung yet! Or if you are like us, you just may be a woeful gardener. But you can keep this one on the quiet if you want!

So go for it! Don’t wait for summer, get out into your garden now and enjoy a bit of fresh air, good company and good food.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips To Bring the Inside Out This Spring

  1. Caroline Moynihan says:

    Inspiring read. I want to go out there right now and make the garden twinkle despite the grey clouds. Love it x

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